About Will Horton

Will Horton A.K.A. BlakSpade

Will Horton’s Mission is to MAKE POKER GREAT AGAIN!!!


Will can’t help himself. His personality, enthusiasm, and passion for the game draws people of all walks of life. He is not afraid to take the risks whether it is going all in or making a last longer bet to wear a tutu. Will Horton is comfortable with anyone, anywhere. He may just pour his own beer out of the tap if you let him.

Personal Life

When not playing cards, you can find Will Horton at the ice cream shop, the American Girl Store, or playing Barbies with the love of his life, Lil’ Spade aka Boss Lady. He will support his home teams of the Bears, the Bulls, the Blackhawks, and even the White Sox regardless of their records. Will enjoys hanging with his friends and family while appreciating a nice Monte Cristo Espada cigar!

Notable Achievement

In 2013, Will Horton made it to day 3 of the World Series Of Poker Main Event. Will was on the feature table next to poker professional Phil Ivey. Will’s entry and exit interview on ESPN was his first 15 minutes of fame, allowing everyone to relate with a first timers excitement and nervous chatter. The nervous may have died down, but the excitement is ever present! 2013 WSOP Main Event Episode 1.

Love of the Game!

It’s all about the game! Will Horton is a recreational poker player who just loves to play the game. He loves the people, the laughs, and the silliness in the game of poker. Winning money doesn’t hurt either! It’s trying Omaha High in Iowa, the excitement of meeting new people in Tampa, and the rush of Vegas poker even with his nails painted. Even though he still is not a professional poker player, Will strives to improve every game and brings entertainment to every table.

The Launch!

In just over 10 years, Will Horton went from asking what a flush was to putting bad beats on fellow poker players with a 2 – 3 of spades. He was schooled by co-workers but learned enough to venture off to casinos to play the 2 – 100. After winning $1000 with a buy-in of $100, he was hooked and never looked back.

♠ Proud member and the brand ambassador of Blue Shark Optics!!

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